Wyoming’s average cost at the pump

Wyoming’s average cost at the pump has increased by 8 cents over the last month, though even that was behind the national average, which grew by 13 cents in the same time frame. “Right now, the supply of gas is plentiful in Wyoming and in the other nearby states like Colorado and Utah. That means the cost will remain low in those areas until that supply runs low, at which point you will start to see a big increase.”.

Even so, the Port au Prince area is a traffic nightmare, with SUVs, rumbling trucks and colorfully painted bus pickups known as “tap taps” competing for space. A trip from the airport to the hillside community of Petionville just a few miles away can take two hours by car. On a motorcycle, the fearless can dart through long lines of vehicles and make it in a fraction of the time..

This week, we all celebrate together, regardless of status or religion. Rich and poor rub shoulders with one another. It is a national holiday in the name of sanity. I never forget my first Uber Ride. I was in New York City, walking out of an event with my friend Raul de Molina and his wife Milly. He explained what the app was about and my whole world changed.

Change is needed: what are the options?There are three main approaches through which this particular market failure and related problems can be addressed, and any organisation charged with preventing market abuses would wish to consider each. First, creating more competition in the market; second, nationalising tobacco companies; and, third, regulating to overcome the negative consequences of market failure. The first would be both undesirable (as increased competition in the cigarette market would have negative public health consequences) and largely impossible given the existing barriers to market entry, which, as outlined above, will increase as tobacco control measures progress.

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