The airline drew public ire in

The airline drew public ire in 2014 when it started levelling a $25 fee for luggage. But carrying those bags is a cost (think fuel, labour and insurance). So who does the airline pass along those costs to? The bags’ owners alone? Or should the cost also be borne by the one in four WestJet passengers who fly without any luggage..

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Many will visit Bethlehem, where globalization has left its imprint like everywhere else. Foreign made crafts, especially Chinese ones, have come to represent a big part of the market here, including Christmas souvenirs. While there are no official statistics, local officials and businessmen estimate that nearly half of the products, perhaps more, are imported..

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The men are two of the first formerly homeless able to take advantage of the affordable housing offered through a partnership between MetroPlains LLC of Minneapolis and Couleecap of La wholesale nhl jerseys Crosse. The mixed income building, which held a grand opening Jan. 18, is an unusual project in that it combined public and private funds to provide six units of transitional housing for the homeless, two market rate apartments and 18 units of affordable housing all in the same building.