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“I think that’s the first thing. You have to have a great place. You’re basically giving people an excuse to go where they’d want to go anyway. The cash reserves, which had been $38.2 million after the 2014 15 fiscal year, will be about $21.9 million by the end of 2016 17. While the Missouri City plant has been retired, a permanent decision on the plant will be necessary but costly, and IPL believes it will need to build two new substations before long. Daggett said a bond issue is quite probable, with no rate increase slated for 2017.shows the need for a fund balance policy, he said, something Weir said she is eager for the council to develop.haven had a rate increase since 2011 12, and we just trying to keep it as low as we can, Daggett said.

Why would this be the case? The major factors may be lifestyle and time. It isn that poor Americans are indulging while the middle class allocates their money more effectively. Poorer households often deal with constraints that those with greater means simply do not have.

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