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But that was only the beginning. The number quickly grew to 24 once the home was almost filled to capacity.What I learned:Cooking cheaply for a crowd wasn as simple as just tripling a recipe. While that might work for cookies or loaves of banana bread, if you’re doing holiday baking, it won work well for casseroles, cakes, or oven fried potatoes because the timing and seasoning will be off.

Hong Kong is a city with a hustle and energy comparable to New York, with streets flooded by an endless stream of businessmen scurrying about doing whatever it is that businessmen do. As an economic giant, Hong Kong is the world’s gateway to the rest of China, opening the West to the most populous nation on Earth. This gateway goes both ways as the Western cheap nfl jerseys world enters China through Hong Kong, making this former British colony feel sometimes a bit more like a futuristic London than a traditional Chinese city..

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Americans have been slow to embrace electric cars. But the Volt s August sales show they re willing to buy if prices are low enough. Even so, electrics have a long way to go before they enter the mainstream and make money for car companies. Bassist Mickey Madden of Maroon 5 is 38. Actor Iwan Rheon ( of Thrones is 32. Actress Lena Dunham ( is 31.

The government offices, and some nonprofits, paid about $3.7 million for inmate labor in fiscal 2012. That’s up slightly from $3.5 million in 2010, according to information obtained through a public records request at the Department of Corrections. Agencies range from the state Department of Transportation which pays $50 a day to local community centers, the governor’s mansion and universities and K 12 school systems..

I was a newspaper carrier in Northern California and the biggest papers are obviously Black Friday papers. We delivered in the middle of the night, so we never really see people. We had customers calling and, literally, looking for us on our route to get their paper early.